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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers are the premier resource for those who need to arrange care. Our clients don't want to leave their cherished homes but have found that they can’t live independently any more. We provide hand-picked staff who are further screened by you. The carer will become resident in your home, allowing you to carry on with life as before - but with more assistance.

The goal is simply to allow you to enjoy life in safety and comfort and to relieve you of many of the stresses of managing a house or flat, getting meals, remembering medication times and so forth. More than this, we can give you back some of the activities and interests that you may have had to relinquish through lack of transport or mobility. The increased activity, along with companionship, can bring about a marked improvement in anyone's outlook and mood, as well as other aspects of their health.

Live In Care

Finding live in care in Harrow on the Hill

We’re aware that care often has to be arranged at very short notice. When clients arranging care have other responsibilities, it can be a stressful time. However, we’re dedicated to helping people make the best choices, by providing a complete service in terms of finding a suitable live-in carer. Our team has a wealth of experience when it comes to finding just the right staff for each situation.

The search for that perfect person begins with the client's wishes, interests and health requirements. We do exactly what you would do, placing the client at the centre of the recruitment search and using exacting standards to ensure that anyone we recommend is the right fit for them, their lifestyle, likes and dislikes and their wellbeing.

Once we have someone that we feel meets our own high standards and who has passed our rigorous professional and character tests, we are ready to recommend that you interview them. This is your chance to be absolutely sure you’re happy with the candidate. We want you to have complete confidence in the person who is, after all, to be sharing your home.

Many people are intimidated at the thought of having to organise the carer’s contract, work out their pay, deduct tax and so on. We’re also here to help with all of that, because at this time we believe you’ll need to focus on making sure that you are happy and settled rather than becoming overwhelmed with paperwork.

What is expected from a live in carer?

Their entire focus is to give you a better quality of life. Health and nutrition are of course a primary concern. Too often, people in residential facilities are confronted with food they dislike, in a rushed and noisy dining room, or the food is presented on a tray and then whisked away before they have had time to eat properly. One of the great things about a live-in carer is that they can put the client's nutritional preferences and requirements at the centre of the care.

This starts with finding out your likes and dislikes, ensuring that you are getting adequate nutrition and giving you time to eat. Most of us are far more likely to eat well if our established routine is not disrupted. So if you are used to having a cooked meal only in the evening, this is what will happen. On the other hand, if you prefer an evening tray in front of the TV - that’s what will happen.

Medication is also important, and many clients have complicated regimes of drugs to take, which not surprisingly, they sometimes forget. A live-in carer will manage this, also ensuring that medications that need to be taken with food or water, for example, are taken in this way. They can keep track of hospital appointments and ensure they are kept, as well as maintaining the household calendar and diary if required.

Live in carer in Harrow on the Hill: activities

If you are able to go out or can do so with assistance, live in care in Harrow on the Hill will open up the range of outings that may be suitable.

  • You may want to meet friends somewhere, visit someone, or catch up with a club you used to go to
  • Harrow on the Hill is full of places for a stroll and a light meal, tea or coffee
  • There are a variety of good restaurants for a meal out
  • There’s plenty of shopping for those who enjoy the buzz of the shopping centre, with lots of quirky shops too, to spark interest
  • Harrow Park and Bentley Priory are great venues for a walk and a look at the birds and flowers
  • For really keen birdwatchers, a visit to Brent Reservoir can always be arranged
Harrow on the Hill

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You’ll probably need to give the whole subject some thought, so why not ring us with your initial questions and have an informal discussion?

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Guardian Carers have been so helpful finding us a carer for my mother. She is extremely independent and guardian carers have helped give us the reassurance that she has someone there to help her if...
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I phoned in on Monday in a panic as the Carer we had just hired for my uncle canceled on us. Renate our consultant was very helpful she immediately sent over two candidates for us to interview. The...
11 Feb 2018

Emma Lewis

I hired an excellent Carer for my Husband through them. The carer also helps around the house which has been a big help for us. They were the only agency that allowed me to interview and meet the...
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Superb customer service. Staff are exceptionally friendly. They have a good range of carers to choose from.
06 Jun 2018


Very pleased with the service. They found us an excellent Turkish and English speaking Carer Housekeeper. We have struggled to find someone bilingual before.
01 Jun 2018

Mariana Canguia

Guardian Carers offers a very good service, I have used and I was very happy with their service as they met all my expectations. So I do recommend :) :)
01 Jun 2018
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